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This include file has no functions. amxmisc. Stocks. Plugin top 15 By Unknown 0 comentarii Descriere: Acest plugin se foloseste in general la Modul Deathrun si arata jucatori in top15 dupa puncte[puncte=fraguri] .Acest plugin nu contine nici un fel de reclama e default poate fi folosit la orice server. AMX Mod X - Half-Life 1 Scripting and Administration - alliedmodders/amxmodx. Reset top 15 amxmodx sNu m-am prea uitat la topicul asta, dar am observat ca trebuie sa dai csstats_reset 1 si apoi n-ai zis ca trebuie si invers. Adica ca sa resetezi rankul: 1. Dai in consola csstats_reset 1 2. Schimbi harta 3. Topul s-a resetat acum, dai csstats_reset 0 in consola ca sa ti se salveze rankul. Jun 15,  · E ovako imam problem sto mi se na serveru resetuje top 15 svakih 4,najvise 5 dana Ustanovio sam da to ne rade admini,jer sam im poskidao cvar komande i automatski oduzeo komandu koja za to sluzi. Znam da to ne radi ni ostali hedovi sigurno! E sad je pitanje da nije to negdje podeseno u panelu i gdje da dodjem do toga ? Znaci treba mi ono normalno da se namjesti posto bi ja bar na My conclusion must be that it have to be the stats-features in the AMXMODX. Maybe I did change it myself a while back but I honestly don't remember WHERE I did it Could someone please point me in the right direction? except the stats reset after each map 15/rank ect.. Where is the stats data stored? Thought maybe it was in. Cum resetezi rankul la Counter Strike - Resetare RANK si TOP15 pe AmxModX Pentru a sterge rankul si top15 la un server de Counter Strike pe Amx Mod X, trebuie sa intrati in: HLDS\cstrike\addons\a. AMX Mod X - Half-Life 1 Scripting and Administration - alliedmodders/amxmodx.How do you reset the stats in top15, but not destroy the rank. X of Y where X is your rank and Y is the same number of players before the reset? i Have the same problem i have put in csstats_reset 1 then i type in. #include amxmodx> #include #include public plugin_init(){ new name[33] get_user_name(id,name,32) client_print(0,print_chat,"%s zerou o score",name) Top15 Admin - Top15 ganha Admin + Models + Glow + Armas. Doing this is fairly easy and can be done two different ways. The first method is If you wanted to enable say /top15, you would do it like this: amx_statscfg on. About the mods, when a plugin is compatible with Counter-Strike, that means CS (CZ too), but maybe it might not work on Counter-Strike. This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 or higher. // Additional #define MODE_HUD_DELAY 0 // Make a sec delay on HUD reset process. public EndTop15 = 0 // displays top15 at the end of map. - if you are looking

reset top 15 amxmodx s

Use reset top 15 amxmodx s

and enjoy

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